Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing and Only Writing

I've been busy lately because I'm working on my new book. Even though I wanted to write paranormal romance or urban fantasy, I'm again writing YA. Only this time it's not elements but angels and demons. It would be another love story and I sort of hope it won't turn into another series because I'd need way too much time to write it all. So far I haven't come up with a title for that one, but I hope I will have an idea pretty soon. The plan is to finish it before starting the second book of Element Preservers series. I really hope I'll manage to do it all in time.

It says on Smashwords that Dangerous has been shipped to Sony, so now I only have to wait for it to actually show up there. Still waiting for Kobo to put it on their page. I have no idea about Apple and Scrollmotion because I can't access these bookstores, but I hope my book is there somewhere. :D

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