Saturday, November 17, 2012

Divided (Element Preservers, #3) Cover Reveal!

As I promised, today you get to see the cover for the third book in Element Preservers series. Now, what can I say about the cover? Well, it reflects the story as usual. I especially love the ice and how it went over the letters in the series title because it seems like it's going out of the picture, right? :D You can probably guess this from the title, but Ria will be conflicted a lot about what to do. Here is the first version of the blurb (and I say the first version because it can still change, but probably won't change much):

After spending some time on her own, Ria thinks she is ready to meet Oliver's group of magic disease carriers and find out what her brother really wants. But when her father reveals the secret that affects the whole world, she will have to make a series of decisions that could change her life forever.

Finally, here is the cover! I would love to hear what you think.