Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Time for a New Post!

I just realized I haven't posted anything new here in ages. Yeah, I don't know where the time goes. It seems to me like I posted yesterday, but oh well. Most of the time when I think of something smart to post it's in the middle of something and when I finally reach my laptop, I forget what I wanted to say. XD Besides, most of the people come to my blog looking for an update about the next book in Element Preserves series. Yes, I'm really sorry that I'm so slow and can't give you the exact date of publication of Runaway, but I'll try to figure it all out as soon as possible. Although, I regret to say that it looks more like it will be August than June/July right now because I'm busy and my betas are busy, and it's hard to find some time to write and edit. But I'll see how that goes. Oh, and big thanks to everyone who has read Dangerous! You guys are the best! :D

Reading. I think I need some good book recommendations. Almost all the books I'm reading right now annoy me for some reason. I probably picked them up at the wrong moment. And two of them remind me of Twilight. One used to be a Twilight fanfiction, and while I enjoyed Twilight, I'm not really happy when all other books follow the same path just because that's what sells right now. And no, using another kind of supernatural creatures instead of vampires doesn't make it any more original. Another problem I have is that I want to strangle the characters. I'm really sad about this one book since it's last in a series and I really liked the first two, and now in the last one where everything is supposed to come together nicely, it just takes the worst possible way. And I'm really sick of this characters that almost want to force me to like them because we have similar traits but then they do something which feels awkward for a person like that, so I'm like no, if you're a reader and have books, you're simply not bored out of your mind just because the hot guy is not around! Unless all the books she picks up are boring? I don't know, really. And constant repetition how hot the guy is! Yeah, I got it the first time, don't need to repeat it every single page! *sigh* I'm probably the only who thinks this way since all these books are very much loved among the readers.
But hey, there's still hope. I'm planning to finish these books, so maybe I end up liking them, who knows? It has happened to me before with Unearthly. Read a few chapters and thought it was so not for me that I couldn't even finish it, then I picked it up some time later, and loved it! Anyway, I was hoping to find something interesting and less frustrating. My friend recommended me to read Abandon by Meg Cabbot since it's short and apparently deals with very similar theme like Everneath by Brodi Ashton, which I loved very much. So, if anyone knows a good, preferably YA or paranormal book, that isn't over 300 pages and doesn't follow a girl who moves to another town with one parent, meets a super hot guy who doesn't care about other girls but does for her even though she's totally plain looking, please tell me. I would really love to find more books like Iron Fey series, Everneath, Divergent, The Infernal Devices, Vampire Academy and similar. :D

TV shows. Does anyone watch The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle? I love these two shows, even though I find some things irritating, especially in The Secret Circle. I'm not sure can I discuss the last ep of The Secret Circle here since I might be giving away spoilers and I don't want to ruin the show for those who haven't seen it yet. Is there a page break or something for this kind of thing? I'm still new to blogger, so I'm not sure if it will work. Let's try. :D
Wait, is this supposed to be it?I think I did it, but I guess I'll see when I post XD So, anyway, some spoilers for the last episode of The Secret Circle! I really loved the last ep and I think this show is getting better and better, so I hope it doesn't get cancelled. I'm really glad John Blackwell has some powers and that he totally fooled everyone with that curse. I must say that I'm not a fan of Cassie/Adam relationship because I just don't see any chemistry between them and I hate it that they presumably love each other after only a few days together. The whole we're destined to be together thing so we love each other for no reason (other than being destined) annoys the hell out of me. And when Adam forgot everything (not really sure what was there to forget), it was like typical girl falls in love with the boy, girl sleeps with the boy, boy leaves because he got what he wanted lol. It's almost funny how much I dislike Adam since I like Thomas Dekker, but oh well. I did feel bad for Cassie for what her dad did, though. That was really mean, but I still like him because he's one of those evil characters you just can't help but like. Anyway, this scene melted me into a puddle:
I mean, I love Jake, but how can he make such a cute face is beyond me. And the way he looks at her... awwww! Yeah, his obsession with Cassie is also strange/rushed, but at least they have chemistry! Or maybe I fell too hard for Jake's bad boy attitude? :P

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