Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 10 (8 actually) Book Boyfriends in 2011

I saw on Twitter that everyone was doing this list, so I thought what the hell, I could do my own list too. Of course, it's a bit of a problem because I'm not sure when exactly I read what and who belongs in  2011 group, but let's try this.
 1. Dante from The Maker's Song. I'm in love with Dante ever since I read the first book in The Maker's Song series and he's just getting better and better. Vampire, rock-star, and a lot, lot more. You just have to love him!
2. Ash from Iron Fey. Who wouldn't love the ice prince? And after everything he's done to be with Meghan? Yeah, totally hot and awesome. :P
3. Murtagh from Inheritance Cycle.    I haven't read Inheritance yet exactly, but I've read all parts with Murtagh in it, and yeah, he's definitely the best character in the whole damn cycle. I love him so, so much!
4. Seth from Dark Hunter.  
As soon as this book came out, I had to have it and read it immediately. Seth is definitely on the list of my favorite Dark Hunters, which means he's special. XD Not that I don't adore other Dark Hunters, but some I like more than others. He might not be better than Acheron, because no one can be better than him, duh, but he's close.
5. Four from Divergent Ok, here we're getting to the part of the list where it was more difficult to choose because they're not as favorite as those stated above. But I liked Four, maybe not as much because he's instructor or sth like that, and I don't really seem to be fond of those ahaha but he can be cool too. He definitely won me over when he got drunk. :P As long as they're not perfect, too serious, too good, I'm fine ahaha
6. Jace from The Mortal Instruments This one is a bit...I don't know. I haven't gotten to the book published in 2011 yet, but I will soon. I started reading the series like a few days ago and am already on 3rd book, which means something. He didn't exactly win me over immediately. I'm not sure why. Maybe I see him as too young. Maybe there's something missing about him. I don't know. But he's ok. Maybe not really a boyfriend material, but certainly book boyfriend material. XD I love bad boys. :P
7. Warner from Shatter Me This must be the most awkward choice ever. So what if the guy is a bit psychotic (it's not the first time I choose psychotic lol), it's not like I'd choose him in real life anyway. Actually probably wouldn't choose half of them in real life (oh why don't they exist?? *cries*), but that's not the point. Let's just say this guy intrigues me so much. I want to know his past, I want to know what made him the way he is, i want love to change him lol... anyway, he's so much more interesting than that other guy, Adam, who is just too good and too boring.
8. Tucker from Unearthly I don't think this guy would interest me so much if I didn't love him with Clara. There's something about him that I really like, and I can't really explain what.
Looks like 9. and 10. are missing. XD And no, I won't add my boys from Dangerous because they're my babies, not my boyfriends lol Also I won't add boys from books that I loved, but wasn't so much interested in the boys. So yeah, 9 and 10 stay empty. It would be easier if the year didn't matter, but I guess this is the list for 2011. And I hope I didn't leave aynone out without knowing it. I probably did, but who would track down all books from 2011 now? XD

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